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MKW Presents: World Wrestling Sit-Down with Tyra Russamee


Middle Kingdom Wrestling along with Imperial Wrestling Entertainment’s “The Professional” Sean Lathrop presents World Wrestling Sit-Down.

WWSD plans on bringing to you the very best in entertainment and knowledge in the world of professional wrestling. We will travel the globe to uncover some of the biggest stars and growing regions that you, the wrestling fans, may not have heard of.

This week’s guest is Tyra Russamee. Strong , sexy and dominant, Russamee talks about the growth of women’s wrestling in Asia, what made her finally try out the squared circle and where her plans are heading for the future.

Theme Song: Helix Nebula – Anamanaguchi
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MKW Presents: Line of Fire — Live pro wrestling show this Saturday at BOX BAR!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling (MKW) presents: LINE OF FIRE
《MKW 职业摔角国际赛》中国北方首秀BOX TOWN酒吧精彩呈现,元月14日晚21:00开始,现已开始预售票,即日起,在BOX酒吧消费即赠送门票!
* 感谢大家支持我们努力发展同MKW WWE风格在中国职业摔跤!
First ever Pro Wrestling show in Harbin history ! Come check it out !! 9:05 bell time At BOX BAR !
**SPECIAL**30rmb ticket for pre-order on Wechat.**
40rmb ticket at the door.
WECHAT ID: MKwrestling
Thank you all for supporting our efforts towards the development WWE style pro wrestling in China with MKW!

The 2016 MKW Match of the Year: International Six Man Tag Team War

The MKW office will never be the same again, as we discussed, then argued and eventually raged over the decision of which match from 2016 should be crowned “2016 MKW Match of the year”

Eventually though
The Six Man International Tag Team War from MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling S02E04 was what won over the MKW office in the end. A pro wrestling ring is like a blank canvas, and when you add pro wrestlers as talented as the ones featured in this match — from 5 different countries/territories — you wind up with a colorful and vibrant piece of art that was made in that ring for the Middle Kingdom Wrestling fans. Congratulations to all participants for achieving greatness and immortality in the Middle Kingdom Wrestling live event and video records

Big Sam, Black Mamba & “The Statement” Andruew Tang vs. Ash Silva, Jason Wang and The Eurasian Dragon is the Middle Kingdom Wrestling(MKW) 2016 match of the year!


MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling THAILAND EDITION trailer up NOW!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling ROCKED the wildest party town in all of Southeast, Asia — Pattaya City — with a huge event in the PATTAYA BOXING WORLD STADIUM that featured all of your favorite MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling superstars like “The Selfie King” Hong Wan, The Slam, Dalton Bragg and more!
MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling THAILAND EDITION is a very special new series by Middle Kingdom Wrestling that will give you a dual episode continuation of your favorite and ONLY episodic Chinese Pro Wrestling show in the whole world.
Combined with the greatest pro wrestling action ever seen in the history of Thailand, along with the gorgeous and sexy Coyote girls from our partners at Pattaya Coyote World and — we’ve brought the MKW fans a unique blend of Pattaya City local life with the unmatched pro wrestling action that only Middle Kingdom Wrestling can bring! You won’t find this kind of show anywhere else!
Episode 1 of 2 coming before the end of the year!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling Thailand Debut this Friday and Saturday!



NOVEMBER 18 & 19
Friends of Thailand, we invite YOU to join us for Wrestlestar III! The biggest WWE Style Pro Wrestling events in Thailand history! In Pattaya! Boxing World Stadium! We welcome local Thai people and foreigners in Thailand! You can meet the most famous pro wrestling stars in China, France, India, Kurdisan, Singapore, USA, UK, JAPAN and local Thai pro wrestling stars!
ศึก เรสเซิล สตาร์ 3 เป็นงานอีเวนท์ศึกใหญ่อีกอีเวนท์หนึ่งของพวกเรา สมาคมมวยปล้ำคิงดอม ซึ่งในวันงานนอกจากนักมวยปล้ำชาวไทยแล้วจะมีนักมวยปล้ำระดับโลกมาร่วมปล้ำในวันนั้นถึง 12 ประเทศ อีเวนท์นี้จะจัดขึ้นที่ สนามมวยโลกพัทยา ข้างเมืองจำลอง วันที่ 18-19 พ.ย. 2559 ประตูเปิดเวลา 18.30 น. เริ่มงาน 19.00 น.ส่วนเรื่องบัตรเข้าชมท่านสามารถซื้อได้ที่หน้าสนามในวันงานและโทรสั่งซื้อที่เบอร์โทร 0874746898
KWF , MKW , ABC present live pro wrestling in Pattaya Boxing World Stadium there is stars from Japan , China , france , USA , UK , Russia , Ukraine , Kurdistan , Thailand and much more .

WWE bringing back Chinese Pro Wrestler Ho Ho Lun to partner with WWE Shanghai Tryout winner Tian Bin in the NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling roster member Ho Ho Lun will be going back to the WWE once again this year after successfully making it to the second round of the WWE Network exclusive “Cruiserweight Classic” tournament just this past summer.

This time, Hong Kong native Ho Ho Lun will be participating in a different kind of tournament, but where the stakes are just as high — in the NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic — partnering up with WWE Shanhai Tryout winner Tian Bin! MKW wishes both of these excellent pro wrestlers good luck as they attempt to let the world once again know that — you should NEVER take your eyes off of Chinese Pro Wrestling ! Good luck to Ho Ho Lun and Tian Bin !  You can check out Ho Ho Lun matches on Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s official Youtube channel here and please don’t forget to subscribe!

Ho Ho Lun is called up for WWE Global Cruiserweight Series – 【Middle Kingdom Wrestling 摔角王国 news】

Ho Ho Lun Stomp MKW

Ho Ho Lun Stomps The Slam

Middle Kingdom Wrestling would like to say congratulations to Middle Kingdom Wrestling star Ho Ho Lun for being selected to join the Global Crusierweight Series hosted by Triple H in NXT
Good luck in the WWE ring ‪#‎HoHoLun‬ !

Ho Ho Lun’s latest, biggest and most important match in his career yet will be shown to the world on the main event of next weeks MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling SEASON 2 EPISODE 2 on April 4th.

Featuring an incredible first-time-ever tag team match featuring the team of “The Father of Hong Kong Pro Wrestling” HO HO LUN & “The Grandfather of French Pro Wrestling” CLAUDE ROCA Vs. First Time Ever and Current Reigning MKW Champion DALTON BRAGG & “The Chinese Pro Wrestling Icon” THE SLAM! Whoa! It doesn’t get much bigger than that!
Check out Episode 1 NOW for a preview at the end!

The Eurasian Dragon will bring love to China!

While “The Statement” Andruew Tang is perhaps the most hated pro Wrestler in Singapore, the MKW office thought that it would only be fitting to bring Singapores most beloved  and admired wrestler too!  The Eurasian Dragon proves that to be a top star in the wrestling business, it’s not only about the W’s and the L’s, but it’s also about the smiles!  The Eurasian Dragon is an adored fan favorite and will always fight against the odds if it’s for the good of the people. The Eurasian Dragon will be making his Mainland China with MKW on January, 16 2016.  While the MKW match booking committee is still working on the matches to be featured on for Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s third Chinese pro wrestling event, we can’t help but already assume that The Eurasian Dragon and “The Statement” Andruew Tang are bound to meet each other face to face at some point in the evening!

The Euroasian dragon

Height 6’0

Weight 220 pounds


Eurasian Dragon MKW

Eurasian Dragon MKW



Andruew Tang to make Mainland China debut!

AWGC Junior Heavyweight champion “The Statement” Andruew Tang is set to make his Mainland China debut with MKW! “The Statement” will debut in Dongguan, China on January 16, 2016 and we will provide further details very soon on his match.

Andreuw Tang – who is the face of Singapore Pro Wrestling – is perhaps South Asia’s biggest homegrown star and we look forward to working closely with Andreuw Tang as we discuss the details of his first pro wrestling match in Mainland China.  January 16, 2016 is sure to be a memorable night in China as Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s biggest stars and Singapore Pro Wrestling’s Andreuw Tang all perform in one show to delight and dazzle the Chinese Pro Wrestling fans.

MKW’s working relationship with SPW proves that we are dedicated to providing the best show possible in Chinese Pro Wrestling.

Stay tuned as we announce more details for MKW’s January 16, 2016 show!


SPW champions makes his MKW debut

SPW champions makes his MKW debut