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MKW Presents: Line of Fire — Live pro wrestling show this Saturday at BOX BAR!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling (MKW) presents: LINE OF FIRE
《MKW 职业摔角国际赛》中国北方首秀BOX TOWN酒吧精彩呈现,元月14日晚21:00开始,现已开始预售票,即日起,在BOX酒吧消费即赠送门票!
* 感谢大家支持我们努力发展同MKW WWE风格在中国职业摔跤!
First ever Pro Wrestling show in Harbin history ! Come check it out !! 9:05 bell time At BOX BAR !
**SPECIAL**30rmb ticket for pre-order on Wechat.**
40rmb ticket at the door.
WECHAT ID: MKwrestling
Thank you all for supporting our efforts towards the development WWE style pro wrestling in China with MKW!

Meet the center of Chinese Pro Wrestling: The Slam

The Slam is the heart of China's pro wrestling scene

The Slam is the heart of China’s pro wrestling scene


Researching the Chinese Pro Wrestling scene requires some serious effort and unless one is literally in China and going hands on with the research, it’s difficult to truly get all of the facts straight. One could spend hours on Google or even China’s own search engine BAIDU and come back with little answers. While there have been a few – barely documented – pro wrestling shows in China in its past, the wrestling scene in China didn’t really begin to materialize until a certain Chinese individual rose up and got himself trained professionally. This man is named The Slam. The Slam is a Chinese Pro Wrestler who on 2004, decided to pack his bags and head to South Korea to train with KPWA – run by Korean trainer Li Han Ji; a Korean pro wrestler who had experience some success wrestling in Japan. The Slam stayed in South Korea for several months, learning the basics of what it took to be a pro wrestler and came back to his home town on Dongguan to do something with his new found knowledge.


The Slam, in his spare time, would take time to build his own pro wrestling ring, and would advertise around his city about his Pro Wrestling gym. Several people who watched Pro Wrestling on the internet in China would research information about wrestling in China and the only name that would appear at the top of search engine was The Slam. After The Slam had trained enough local Chinese wrestlers, he would go on to create CWE – Chinese Wrestling Entertainment. CWE formed at the end of 2004 and has been going on since then – on and off – doing small free admission shows, as well as an internet based episodic show on the Chinese version of YouTube: Youku. You can look up the episodes by their number CWE 1-20. Almost everybody who has wrestled or trained in China has come across The Slam. Either because he trained them or showed the way to doing wrestling properly in China. In 2013, an upstart promotion based in Chongqing, China named CNWWE hired The Slam as the lead booker and General Manager, due to his long experience in the Chinese Pro Wrestling scene. What was supposed to be China’s first real shot at creating a compelling, local pro wrestling promotion, had unfortunately quickly shut down due to the incompetence of CNWWE chairman, Paul, “The Drunken Boss” Nevertheless, The Slam went back to his home province of Guangdong and started running wrestling shows in a new location, what’s now known as “Slam’s Gym.”


What’s important to note is that The Slam has never charged for giving wrestling lessons or to use his personally made pro wrestling ring; The Slam has trained dozens of wrestlers all over China and even foreign wrestlers just out of the love of pro wrestling. The Slam wants nothing more than pro wrestling in China to be successful and he is at the heart of China’s wrestling scene. Middle Kingdom Wrestling was the first to reach out to The Slam to form a partnership with his CWE trained wrestlers and MKW is so thankful for this relationship and for building a strong foundation of Chinese Pro Wrestlers in China.

Chinese Wrestler "THE SLAM"

Chinese Wrestler “THE SLAM”


Building Pro-Wrestling in China

HoHo Lun and Selfie King- Chinese pro Wrestling MKW

HoHo Lun and Selfie King- Chinese pro Wrestling MKW

Building Pro-Wrestling in China
Chinese Pro Wrestling is difficult to understand at first and we here at MKW have worked our hardest to make it work in The Middle Kingdom.  China has made its presense known around the world and thousands, if not, millions of business men have tried to bring a piece of the west to China. What’s interesting about Pro Wrestling though, is that it isn’t exactly “western” — considering it has large mind share in Japan and Mexico as well as several other countries.
Chinese Pro Wrestling is filled with some of the hardest working individuals I’ve ever encountered in my whole life — it’s not about money, it’s not about the fame — it’s about being able to wrestle because more than any other thing in the world, they consider themselves Chinese Pro Wrestlers.  Chinese Pro Wrestling is still in a young stage, while WWE is the 4th most searched entry on Youku (Chinese version of Youtube,) and Tudou (another Chinese youtube,)  wrestling in China is still something that needs more cultivating before it can truly become a national phenomenom like it is in other countries.
People always cite that China has 1.4 billion people and that all you need is 1% of the population to view or purchase or engage in your product to become a true success, to become a multimillionaire. Every few years a Chinese business tycoon will invest into making a WWE style pro wrestling show in China and put on a big show in a large arena and it never goes anywhere afterwards — why? Because emulating a WWE style show for a Chinese Pro Wrestling audience is not the correct way to go.  MKW admires China in several ways but being a WWE copy-cat wrestling promotion will not make a successful wrestling promotion and Chinese wrestling promoters need to understand that.
Wrestling will always have good guys and bad guys and interesting characters, but you must think about the characteristics of your audience — Middle Kingdom Wrestling wants to bring Pro Wrestling with Chinese characteristics.  We will continue to book foreign wrestlers such as Dalton Bragg and Ash, to work with the local Chinese pro wrestlers, as it’ll only elevate their abilities and allow them to become stars with the local Chinese wrestling fans.  We will continue to work with Chinese pro wrestlers in helping them find their character that can relate to their culture. And we will continue to bring smiles to fans of pro wrestling in China!+
MKW held its first live events over the weekend of July 18th and July 19th and they were a roaring success with the Chinese wrestling audience.
MKW will hold its next show once again in the “CWE GYM” in Dongguan China on January 16, 2016.  MKW –  摔角王国 will continue to excite our fans!
Thank you for support Chinese Pro Wrestling and Chinese Pro Wrestlers!
Chinese Pro Wrestling fans

Chinese Pro Wrestling fans