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MKW Presents: World Wrestling Sit-Down with Tyra Russamee


Middle Kingdom Wrestling along with Imperial Wrestling Entertainment’s “The Professional” Sean Lathrop presents World Wrestling Sit-Down.

WWSD plans on bringing to you the very best in entertainment and knowledge in the world of professional wrestling. We will travel the globe to uncover some of the biggest stars and growing regions that you, the wrestling fans, may not have heard of.

This week’s guest is Tyra Russamee. Strong , sexy and dominant, Russamee talks about the growth of women’s wrestling in Asia, what made her finally try out the squared circle and where her plans are heading for the future.

Theme Song: Helix Nebula – Anamanaguchi
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MKW TV: Thailand Edition *SEASON PREMIER*

Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s MKW TV: Thailand Edition SEASON PREMIER is here now!
Episode 1 of MKW TV: Thailand Edition contains
1. “Selfie King” 洪湾 Vs. Candy Brother Vs. Mickey Rawz — Winner earns a shot at the MKW Championship
**PLUS** Special Message from Dalton Bragg
2. Ash Silva & Jason Wang vs. Tony Trivaldo & Claude Roca for the ABC Tag Team Championship
Commentator: Al Leung

MKW championship match: Slam Vs Bragg date officially announced!

The biggest match in Chinese Pro Wrestling history

The biggest match in Chinese Pro Wrestling history


MKW摔角粉丝们! We can finally announce that Dalton Bragg will be putting his Middle Kingdom wrestling MKW championship on the line against China’s biggest pro wrestling star of all time — The Slam!
This match has been in the making for a year now and The Slam will finally have his chance to capture MKW and Chinese Pro Wrestling’s most prestigious prize — The MKW championship against Dalton Bragg. The biggest match in Chinese Pro Wrestling History !
@ Ningxiang Culture & Sports Center 宁乡文体中心 (5000 seat max capacity.),112.5361806,16.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xc0c56bcf75218f8f!8m2!3d28.2732003!4d112.5395806?shorturl=1

中国The Slam (challenger) Vs. 美国 布拉格Dalton Bragg (mkw冠军champion) !
Plus 5 other matches ! wow 6摔角打比赛!! 中国和香港的选手! 美国选手。 英国选手。意大利选手! wow

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QQ: 3460147429


WWE bringing back Chinese Pro Wrestler Ho Ho Lun to partner with WWE Shanghai Tryout winner Tian Bin in the NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling roster member Ho Ho Lun will be going back to the WWE once again this year after successfully making it to the second round of the WWE Network exclusive “Cruiserweight Classic” tournament just this past summer.

This time, Hong Kong native Ho Ho Lun will be participating in a different kind of tournament, but where the stakes are just as high — in the NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic — partnering up with WWE Shanhai Tryout winner Tian Bin! MKW wishes both of these excellent pro wrestlers good luck as they attempt to let the world once again know that — you should NEVER take your eyes off of Chinese Pro Wrestling ! Good luck to Ho Ho Lun and Tian Bin !  You can check out Ho Ho Lun matches on Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s official Youtube channel here and please don’t forget to subscribe!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling is bringing the VR Pro Wrestling Revolution!

Who wants to watch MKW TV in a VR living room with friends all over the world?

Middle Kingdom Wrestling is not only the top pro wrestling promotion in China, but it’s also the only VR-Ready pro wrestling promotion in the world. We experiment with using VR Technology every week to better enhance not only VR Pro Wrestling, but the VR industry as a whole. We are proud to have this cooperation with VICI Media — China’s premier VR Tech company.

Check out an example of VR 360 pro wrestling:


Ash Silva pulls double duty at huge CWE public event

MKW superstar Ash Silva proving that he is one of the top stars in the Mainland China and Hong Kong scene.

Ash Silva was clearly MVP , pulling double duty last weekend, on August 6-7, 2016 in matches against the dastardly M.A. and former CWE Champion Flying Dragon Brother. The Liaobu, China crowd were on their feet for every incredibly excited maneuver by Ash Silva! The Hong Kong/America native has quickly become one of China’s biggest stars in the Chinese Pro Wrestling scene!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling would like to say thanks for Ash Silva for representing MKW in this Chinese Wrestling Entertainment Mall of China public event!


Ash MKW mallAsh Silva frog splashAsh silva sharp shooterAsh silva leapfrog


你们等我们到六月告诉你们什么时候会有新的MKW show!
今年MKW会有一个特别重要的MKW show!MKW真的很感谢我们的粉丝!!还有 。。 MKW TV S02E03 很快会在Youku播放。 刃白 VS Tony Trivaldo! 准备好了吗?!





Middle Kingdom Wrestling reaches milestone!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling has reached a milestone today! YouTube has granted Middle Kingdom Wrestling VIP status as a YouTube account because of the high level of activity found on our YouTube channel in a short period of time.

After less than 9 months of being an active pro wrestling promotion, MKW has reached more than 500 subscribers on our official YouTube channel. MKW has filled a niche that fans have longed years for, and that’s Chinese Pro Wrestling. With over 25000 views divided by less than 20 videos uploaded on our official YouTube account, we at Middle Kingdom Wrestling are overwhelmed by the fan reception of our excellent product and our premier show, “MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling” which is currently in its second season.

Furthermore, Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s social media services have also connected fans all over the world and when combined together, the numbers are truly staggering

Here are our current statistics:

YouTube: – 501 fans, 25000 views, 50000 minutes of Watch Time!
Facebook: – 1373 fans 
Google+: – Almost 30000 views 
twitter: – 515 active twitter followers 
website: – More than 4000 unique visitors just this month 
微信/Wechat: MKWrestling fans section – 71 followers 
Tumblr: – after just six weeks after launch, we have 35 followers 
YouKu – 63 followers, nearly 20000 views

Middle Kingdom Wrestling has introduced brand new Chinese Pro Wrestling stars like “The Selfie King” and Taiwan’s “LENBAI” and others, while also combining the roster with Hong Kong born “Ash Silva,” Chinese Pro Wrestling scene veteran “Da Li Sam” and Death match master and current MKW champion, ”Dalton Bragg“

To add further depth to the Middle Kingdom Wrestling roster, we’ve introduced established Chinese Pro Wrestling stars to the MKWroster with “Ho Ho Lun” and “The Slam.” We also feature premier guest talent from Singapore, France and the U.K. We are in talks to possibly bring four Indian pro wrestling stars to China for an event later this year.

Several Middle Kingdom Wrestling talent will be featured on May 15th, in Shanghai. We look forward to seeing you there!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling has always had one goal: To Bring smiles to the world and we feel comfortable that going forward, Middle Kingdom Wrestling will be able to bring smiles to not only China’s 1.4 billion strong population, but to the whole world.

Thank you MKW fans! You guys are awesome!

MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling EPISODE 2 of SEASON 2 is HERE! HoHo Lun & Claude Roca Vs. Dalton Bragg & The Slam

我们要道歉,因为我们耽误MKW TV:第2集第2季中国评论!
它会在YouTube和优酷周三。 2016年4月13日MKW TV将有中国评论! 很快MKW TV:第2集第2季的普通话!