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MKW championship match: Slam Vs Bragg date officially announced!

The biggest match in Chinese Pro Wrestling history

The biggest match in Chinese Pro Wrestling history


MKW摔角粉丝们! We can finally announce that Dalton Bragg will be putting his Middle Kingdom wrestling MKW championship on the line against China’s biggest pro wrestling star of all time — The Slam!
This match has been in the making for a year now and The Slam will finally have his chance to capture MKW and Chinese Pro Wrestling’s most prestigious prize — The MKW championship against Dalton Bragg. The biggest match in Chinese Pro Wrestling History !
@ Ningxiang Culture & Sports Center 宁乡文体中心 (5000 seat max capacity.),112.5361806,16.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xc0c56bcf75218f8f!8m2!3d28.2732003!4d112.5395806?shorturl=1

中国The Slam (challenger) Vs. 美国 布拉格Dalton Bragg (mkw冠军champion) !
Plus 5 other matches ! wow 6摔角打比赛!! 中国和香港的选手! 美国选手。 英国选手。意大利选手! wow

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WWE bringing back Chinese Pro Wrestler Ho Ho Lun to partner with WWE Shanghai Tryout winner Tian Bin in the NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling roster member Ho Ho Lun will be going back to the WWE once again this year after successfully making it to the second round of the WWE Network exclusive “Cruiserweight Classic” tournament just this past summer.

This time, Hong Kong native Ho Ho Lun will be participating in a different kind of tournament, but where the stakes are just as high — in the NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic — partnering up with WWE Shanhai Tryout winner Tian Bin! MKW wishes both of these excellent pro wrestlers good luck as they attempt to let the world once again know that — you should NEVER take your eyes off of Chinese Pro Wrestling ! Good luck to Ho Ho Lun and Tian Bin !  You can check out Ho Ho Lun matches on Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s official Youtube channel here and please don’t forget to subscribe!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s MKW TV: Season 2 Live tapings Event was a monumental success!

MKW made Chinese Pro Wrestling history by drawing the biggest live audience seen in Dongguan history for a Pro Wrestling event. The fans were glued to their seats to witness their favorite local Chinese Pro Wrestling stars as well as the wonderful international stars that only Middle Kingdom Wrestling can bring to the great country of China.

We will be updating the Chinese Pro Wrestling fans as soon as possible about our next live event, but for now, please enjoy these excellent pictures from the event!

What are the Implications of the 第二季 6 Man International Tag Team Match ?

January 16, 2016 -- MKW: Chinese Pro Wrestling SEASON 2 LIVE TAPINGS EVENT

January 16, 2016 — MKW: Chinese Pro Wrestling SEASON 2 LIVE TAPINGS EVENT

MKW TV: Season 2

摔角王国: 第二季 6 Man International Tag Team Match

Supremacy The Three Kings
Big Sam

Black Mamba

“The Statement” Andruew Tang


The Eurasian Dragon

Mystery Partner


Black Mamba and his hired muscle Big Sam caused a quite stir at the MKW super 8 tournament event that was held in the summer. During the match between Ash and Black Mamba (MKW TV: Season 1 Episode 2), Big Sam assaulted Ash outside of the ring before running him into the ring post.  This attack ended up costing Ash the match as well as a chance at the MKW championship as he failed to make it into the ring before the 10 count. Ash has changed after that lost by introducing a female valet who supported him in his victory against CWE original Jason. At a CWE show, Ash lost in a rematch to Jason due to interference from Black Mamba when he snuck in and hit a low blow on Ash. At another CWE show that was held in November, bad turned to worse for Ash when Big Sam distracted the referee for Black Mamba again to nail a low blow, which allowed King Michael to claim victory over Ash.  Ash wants to get back at the team of Big Sam and Black Mamba therefore MKW owner, Adrian Gomez, has given Ash the opportunity by balancing the playing field and providing him with two partners. Big Sam is making his long awaited return to the ring after having surgery earlier in 2015 to reconnect his pectoral muscle, which he ripped while lifting over 400lbs on the bench press. He wants to show what MKW is missing as he combines size, a strong amateur freestyle wrestling background with roar aggression that he picked up working the streets as bouncer and as part of a security team. At a height of 195 centimeters (6’4”) and a weight easily over 110 kilograms, Big Sam is giving his side the size advantage.

Now there are three non MKW wrestlers involved in this furious six man tag. Joining Big Sam and Black Mamba is Singaporean pro wrestling champion, the self-proclaimed Statement of professional wrestling, Andruew Tang.  A familiar face for those who have been keeping an eye on the Asian wrestling scene, Andruew Tang is the current champion of SPW.  His recent rivalries are also joining him in this match as The Eurasian Dragon will be flying over from Singapore to try and get the admiration of the Chinese fans as he bring smiles and body-slams for everyone. The Eurasian Dragon has had an ongoing rivalry with Andruew Tang for a while as The Eurasian Dragon has his sights on the South-East Asian championship title.  However, Ash and The Eurasian Dragon’s team lacks a third wrestler but Ash says he will wait until the show to announce the third member.

Dongguan in the South of China is the location and January 16th is the date for this crazy 6 man tag that will surely raise the level of the Chinese pro wrestling industry.

MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling EPISODE 3

On this weeks episode of MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling – we get to see who THE SLAM’s BIG opponent is! The Slam makes his pro wrestling debut with Middle Kingdom Wrestling!

Also, BLACK MAMBA and THE SELFIE KING have a SEMI FINALS match in the MKW SUPER 8 tournament for the MKW championship title of China!

Match 1 *Special Challenge Match* (Apologize for the error on the match graphic, it is NOT a tournament match.)
The Slam Vs. King Michael
Match 2 *Semifinals match*
Black Mamba vs. The Selfie King



This is the first ever episode of Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s MKW TV !

Taped on July 18th and 19th in Dongguan, China.

Featured matches:


Round 1 Match 1
The Selfie King Vs. Hoho Lun
Round 1 Match 2
TangGuoGe (Candy Brother) Vs. LENBAI



MKW would like to congratulate our very first Middle Kingdom Wrestling champion — Dalton Bragg! The first ever Super 8 Man Tournament in China was filled with so many dramatic moments — the likes of which China has never seen in its 5000 years of history! MKW Champion Dalton Bragg came out of it exhausted and bruised, but still with China’s finest Pro Wrestling prize on his shoulder — the MKW Championship. In the coming weeks we will be posting episodic content to show the MKW fans exactly how Dalton Bragg came to win the MKW Super 8 Man Tournament to become the first ever MKW Champion, as well as other exciting developments that occurred during MKW’s first live tapings involving several new and exciting talents from Asia and all over the world! Please keep your cursor locked on as we post updates and more pictures from these fantastic events!!





We at the MKW office have been working hard on booking the tournament to crown our very first MKW championship belt and due to roster size restraints, we couldn’t include THE SLAM in the tournament.  We at MKW want to repeat, that it has NOTHING to do with The Slam‘s affilitation with CWE. We simply couldn’t fit The Slam into the tournament — but rest assured, The Slam will certainly be one of the top candidates to challenge for the MKW title belt after the tournament. After we broke this news to The Slam, he had this to say:


Press Release: MKW double-shot announced for July 18/19, 2015!!

June 16, 2015 Haerbin China – MKW officials have confirmed our first big event and writing is on the paper — the date is set for July 18th and July 19th, 2015.  It will be a double shot show in South China city GUANGZHOU, CHINA.  It’ll feature ALL of MKW’s stars as well as talent from MKW partner CWE.  This show will feature an 8 wrestler tournament to crown MKW’s very FIRST champion as well as other matches from Guangzhou’s CWE roster.

We also want to remind you that MKW’s first show will be filmed in full 360 V.R. through VR-CHINA services.  MKW wants to not just break new ground in new territory, but also in a new perspective — 360 perspective!

MKW would like to thank CWE, VR-CHINA and the city of Guangzhou for being with us together as we embark into MIDDLE KINGDOM WRESTLING’s first show!

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