The 2016 MKW Match of the Year: International Six Man Tag Team War

The MKW office will never be the same again, as we discussed, then argued and eventually raged over the decision of which match from 2016 should be crowned “2016 MKW Match of the year”

Eventually though
The Six Man International Tag Team War from MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling S02E04 was what won over the MKW office in the end. A pro wrestling ring is like a blank canvas, and when you add pro wrestlers as talented as the ones featured in this match — from 5 different countries/territories — you wind up with a colorful and vibrant piece of art that was made in that ring for the Middle Kingdom Wrestling fans. Congratulations to all participants for achieving greatness and immortality in the Middle Kingdom Wrestling live event and video records

Big Sam, Black Mamba & “The Statement” Andruew Tang vs. Ash Silva, Jason Wang and The Eurasian Dragon is the Middle Kingdom Wrestling(MKW) 2016 match of the year!