Middle Kingdom Wrestling is bringing the VR Pro Wrestling Revolution!

Who wants to watch MKW TV in a VR living room with friends all over the world?

Middle Kingdom Wrestling is not only the top pro wrestling promotion in China, but it’s also the only VR-Ready pro wrestling promotion in the world. We experiment with using VR Technology every week to better enhance not only VR Pro Wrestling, but the VR industry as a whole. We are proud to have this cooperation with VICI Media — China’s premier VR Tech company.

Check out an example of VR 360 pro wrestling:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1Y6cqfqslU


MKW & APWA will bring you “China WrestleFestival 2017”

China's first ever Pro Wrestling festival

China’s first ever Pro Wrestling festival


China’s top pro wrestling promotion, “Middle Kingdom Wrestling” and America’s premier Appalachian based pro wrestling promotion, “American Pro Wrestling Alliance” are teaming together to bring YOU, “WrestleFestival” next year in GuangDong province of mainland China.

This will be an absolutely huge pro wrestling event featuring top APWA stars from the United States such as KONGO KONG, ONYX and former WWE Superstars THE POWERS OF PAIN and all of your favorite Chinese Pro Wrestling stars like The Selfie King and The Slam will also be in action!

Dalton Bragg has been booked for “WrestleFestival 2017,” but will the first ever and longest reigning Dalton Bragg still be MKW champion by then?

There will be several activities booked during WrestleFestival 2017 featuring WrestleFestival talent, including:



Ash Silva pulls double duty at huge CWE public event

MKW superstar Ash Silva proving that he is one of the top stars in the Mainland China and Hong Kong scene.

Ash Silva was clearly MVP , pulling double duty last weekend, on August 6-7, 2016 in matches against the dastardly M.A. and former CWE Champion Flying Dragon Brother. The Liaobu, China crowd were on their feet for every incredibly excited maneuver by Ash Silva! The Hong Kong/America native has quickly become one of China’s biggest stars in the Chinese Pro Wrestling scene!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling would like to say thanks for Ash Silva for representing MKW in this Chinese Wrestling Entertainment Mall of China public event!


Ash MKW mallAsh Silva frog splashAsh silva sharp shooterAsh silva leapfrog

Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s Ho Ho Lun makes HUGE first round impact at WWE Cruiserweight Classic!

MKW Middle Kingdom Wrestling would like to give an EXTRA special congratulations to MKW superstar HO HO LUN on his win against Davairi in the first round of the WWE CWC Cruiserweight Classic 32 Man Tournament — which you can watch exclusively on the WWE Network App (for $9.99!)

Thank you HO HO LUN for representing Hong Kong, Mainland China and Middle Kingdom! Good luck in the next round HO HO LUN!


MKW Adrian Ho Ho Lun MKW Ho Ho Lun

Latest Episode of MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling featuring Spectacular Main Event Breaks Debut Viewing Records

The latest episode of the International Smash Hit show and ONLY episodic Chinese Pro Wrestling show, “MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling” has broken first day viewing record for Season 02.  The buzz around the match before S02E04 of MKW TV was posted could be felt through out the whole world.

If you haven’t see this episode, what are you waiting for — This is Chinese Pro Wrestling — This is Middle Kingdom Wrestling!


Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s report from the WWE China tryout event in Shanghai!


Middle Kingdom Wrestling (MKW摔角王国) is so excited about what WWE is going to do for Chinese Pro Wrestling.
It was a night filled with positive energy from China’s most athletic and attractive looking men and women who all have one dream – to be the next WWE Superstar from China.

Middle Kingdom Wrestling officials attended the event and it was an incredible experience to be a part of the WWE tryout Exclusive Networking event.  We met old friends like Cruiser weight Classic participant and Middle Kingdom Wrestling star Ho Ho Lun and WWE prospect and heaviest man in MKW – King Michael, from Hong Kong.  We also made some new friends as well and got to meet and have conversations with WWE officials who are interested in expanding into China.  It was an honor for the MKW team to go to the exclusive WWE networking event.

MKW is working closely with www.wrestlezone.com – the worlds most popular pro wrestling website – to bring you an in depth article about Chinese Pro Wrestling !

Stay tuned !

When Triple H stepped up in front of all the participants, he started off with, “This is Huge, this is huge for all you guys and girls here.  And for us to be in China, this is huge too.”

During the Q & A session, one WWE China Tryout participant asked, “If we don’t get selected to earn the WWE contract, will we have another chance?” —
Tripple H nodded his head and said, “Of course, of course, there will be another chance”
Triple H closed the Q and A session at the end of the event with, “WWE has a long future in China”
It seems that WWE has unfinished business in China! Which only means good things for Middle Kingdom Wrestling and Chinese Pro Wrestling in general!
WWE Matt Bloom MKW wwe tryout wwe chinaHo Ho Lun MKW WWE try outMKW WWE ChinaTriple H MKW WWE Tryout


MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling SEASON 3 & 4 live tapings event in Pattaya, Thailand!

MKW Thailand


“The Biggest Pro Wrestling Event in Pattaya History”
Local King of Thai Pro Wrestling company “KWF”
China’s Largest Pro Wrestling company “MKW”
The most prestigious pro wrestling company in France “ABC”
will together combine our roster to bring the most popular wrestlers from
Thailand! China! France! U.K! America! Australia! India! Jordan! Russia! AND MUCH MORE!!
“The Biggest Pro Wrestling Event in Pattaya History”
An Event So Big that The Action Can’t Fit in JUST ONE NIGHT — This will be a DOUBLE HEADER DOUBLE NIGHT DOUBLE SHOW!
DO NOT MISS IT! More details (including price of ticket) soon~
Date: November 18 & 19, 2016
Venue: Pattaya Boxing World stadium
City: Pattaya, Thailand
Time: 7-9 PM

MKW officials to WWE Shanghai Office for Exclusive Networking event

MKW to WWE Shanghai Office

We are happy to announce that Middle Kingdom Wrestling officials have been invited to attend an exclusive networking meeting by WWE officials at the Shanghai WWE office on June 15th. Those attending this meeting will include such key people in the pro wrestling business such as Triple H, John Cena and William Regal.

MKW is honored to be invited by the WWE to this event and we at MKW look forward to meeting everybody.

This can only mean positive news for MKW and the Chinese Pro Wrestling scene!

参与这场会面主要的人物包括对职业摔角事业有极大贡献的:Triple H与John Cena和William Regal等等……