The Eurasian Dragon will bring love to China!

While “The Statement” Andruew Tang is perhaps the most hated pro Wrestler in Singapore, the MKW office thought that it would only be fitting to bring Singapores most beloved  and admired wrestler too!  The Eurasian Dragon proves that to be a top star in the wrestling business, it’s not only about the W’s and the L’s, but it’s also about the smiles!  The Eurasian Dragon is an adored fan favorite and will always fight against the odds if it’s for the good of the people. The Eurasian Dragon will be making his Mainland China with MKW on January, 16 2016.  While the MKW match booking committee is still working on the matches to be featured on for Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s third Chinese pro wrestling event, we can’t help but already assume that The Eurasian Dragon and “The Statement” Andruew Tang are bound to meet each other face to face at some point in the evening!

The Euroasian dragon

Height 6’0

Weight 220 pounds


Eurasian Dragon MKW
Eurasian Dragon MKW