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Ho Ho Lun is called up for WWE Global Cruiserweight Series – 【Middle Kingdom Wrestling 摔角王国 news】

Ho Ho Lun Stomp MKW

Ho Ho Lun Stomps The Slam

Middle Kingdom Wrestling would like to say congratulations to Middle Kingdom Wrestling star Ho Ho Lun for being selected to join the Global Crusierweight Series hosted by Triple H in NXT
Good luck in the WWE ring ‪#‎HoHoLun‬ !

Ho Ho Lun’s latest, biggest and most important match in his career yet will be shown to the world on the main event of next weeks MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling SEASON 2 EPISODE 2 on April 4th.

Featuring an incredible first-time-ever tag team match featuring the team of “The Father of Hong Kong Pro Wrestling” HO HO LUN & “The Grandfather of French Pro Wrestling” CLAUDE ROCA Vs. First Time Ever and Current Reigning MKW Champion DALTON BRAGG & “The Chinese Pro Wrestling Icon” THE SLAM! Whoa! It doesn’t get much bigger than that!
Check out Episode 1 NOW for a preview at the end!


We at the MKW office have been working hard on booking the tournament to crown our very first MKW championship belt and due to roster size restraints, we couldn’t include THE SLAM in the tournament.  We at MKW want to repeat, that it has NOTHING to do with The Slam‘s affilitation with CWE. We simply couldn’t fit The Slam into the tournament — but rest assured, The Slam will certainly be one of the top candidates to challenge for the MKW title belt after the tournament. After we broke this news to The Slam, he had this to say: