Ultimate Fan Experience Preshow!

MKW Ultimate Fan Experience preshow!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling (MKW) presents Ultimate Fan Experience preshow

Date: December 15th

Time:6:30 pm

Address: Xinqiao Culture and Art Center, 29 Gongyuan Road North, Bao’an District (宝安区公园北路29号新桥文化艺术中心)

Line 11, Shajing Station (沙井站), Exit C

If you are a hardcore pro wrestling fan, then you do NOT want to miss this special preshow event starting one hour before MKW Bash at the Bay.  This experience is truly for the hardcore pro wrestling fans in China!

That is why we are calling this preshow event the MKW ”Ultimate Fan Experience”


Special Meet and Greet with:

Kongo Kong

Zeda Zhang

Hibiscus Mii

Zombie Dragon

Black Mamba

The Stable

And More!

Brand new debuting merchandise like the MKW Carry bag, MKW keychains, MKW official sweater and more will all have a special  15% preshow discount!

The beautifully designed MKW Bash at the Bay match programme book, detailing all of the matches and pro wrestlers participating in this incredible event will also be included in the special preshow discount. This MKW programme book is specially designed for the hardcore pro wrestling fans in China.

Also, our good friends from ShuaijiaoWang will also be at the MKW Ultimate Fan Experience for a special activity involving 摔哥 promoting his hilarious 摔哥TV!You can follow him here!

And that’s not all!We can now announce that ONLY at the exclusive MKW Ultimate Fan Experience Preshow can fans watch an exciting match up between two very promising MKW Future Force stars coming from the MKW training academy!

KC vs. Bamboo Crusher

Bamboo Crusher made his pro wrestling debut last month at MKW Halloween Frenzy against Triple T in what many said was a remarkable first match effort for this young member of the Future Force.

KC is yet another promising prospect from  the MKW pro wrestling academy.  From Hong Kong, China — he calls himself “The Monster Keeper” and has the instinct of a giant cold blooded reptile! We really look forward to seeing how KC does in his pro wrestling debut against Bamboo Crusher! This is the Future Force of pro wrestling in China!

If you are a pro wrestling fan, you do not want to miss this incredible All Access experience to MKW by attending the MKW Ultimate Fan Experience preshow this December 15 starting from 6:30 PM at the Xinqiao Culture and Art center in Shenzhen  

*Note:Attendees Must purchase an MKW Bash at the Bay event ticket to enter the MKW Ultimate Fan Experience preshow.