New MKW world champion crowned at MKW Dragon Roar!

On June 16, 2019 at MKW Dragon Roar, in a triple threat MKW world championship match against Big Sam and Cam Ferguson, Michael Su pinned Cam Ferguson to become the new MKW world champion, while simultaneously ending Big Sam’s historic MKW world championship reign which started from December 15, 2018

With “Masterclass” Michael Su now as MKW world champion, the landscape in Middle Kingdom Wrestling has completely changed and all eyes are now on Michael Su.
The big question now is, how will Michael Su deal with the immense pressure and responsbility going forward as MKW world champion? And what about Big Sam, the champion going into the match, yet was never pinned?

These are questions that will certainly be answered for another day, so let’s for now just focus on the present moment because we at Middle Kingdom Wrestling would just like to say Congratulations to your NEW MKW world champion “Masterclass” Michael Su!