Born in America, but raised in the tri-ads run city of Hong Kong, Ash has a dark history filled with tragedy and deception.  As a young boy, he already had the thirst for headlocks and backdrops — forming backyard wrestling promotion “UWC” that even landed him and his roster members a spot in a VHS-only release of “Backyard Wrestling Most Extreme and bloody Moments!! Volume #3” While enjoying an successful tag team with his friends, it was a death-defying move that involved a triangle choke hold and a screw driver that let Ash make the decision to leave the backyard wrestling business for Hong Kong’s movie industry. Having starred in several commercials, spots in films and voice overs in both Cantonese and English, Ash thought he was finished with the wrestling business forever.


When Ash met Lily – his world turned upside down. Ash’s girlfriend has managed to take a certain control of Ash that no other woman – even his own mother – has ever had on him. Slowly isolating himself away from his friends, family and even firing his long time agent Luo Gao — Ash has suddenly decided to go Pro Wrestler all over again.  With Ash currently training in Muay Thai kick boxing and shoot style wrestling, Lily has dreams of seeing her man Ash be at the top of the wrestling world.  MKW is happy to welcome the Chinese pro wrestling debut of Ash!


Ring name:Ash
Born: 1984/7/19
Hometown: Santa Clara, California, USA 
Height, weight: 178cm / 75kg
Professional Wrestling Debut: 2015