MKW Blast-off is launching on Youku!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling is immensely proud to enter into an exciting partnership with the largest online video platform in China, Youku. This partnership with Youku will benefit both MKW and Youku as both companies prepares to showcase to its fans a local flavor of pro wrestling in our native China to more people than ever before.
Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s “MKW Blast-off” online show will now be watched by more people than ever before! As both the Youku website and the Youku app will position MKW’s hit weekly online wrestling show to its nearly 800 million unique viewers at the top of Youku sports section every single week, as well as automatic pushed ad notifications to the general Youku user base about MKW Blast-off.
This gives Middle Kingdom Wrestling the tremendous opportunity to not only satisfy more wrestling fans across the largest market in the world, but to also reach more viewers who have yet to be introduced to the incredible art that has captivated fans around the world for nearly a century.