MKW and Battle Arts Professional Wrestling form strong partnership

Buck Gunderson of Battle Arts Professional Wrestling along with his student, Junyan Lee, will come to Middle Kingdom Wrestling – 摔角王国 Belt & Road Championship Tournament. Battle Arts professional wrestling is owned by Anthony Carelli  — also known as Santino Marella — and have had a strong impact on the Canadian pro wrestling scene.

On August 10, Buck Gunderson will tag with Zombie Dragon, Junyan Lee and a mystery partner against Big Sam, Uncle Money, Cam Ferguson and Johta Suzuki in an explosive 8-man tag team main event on the first night of Belt & Road Championship tournament in Harbin, China on August 10.

And then on the following night on August 11,Buck Gunderson will challenge Big Same for the MKW world championship tournament and what we are expecting to be a classic championship match。