Q&A with The Stable


We spoke with one of the most controversial  factions in the Chinese pro wrestling scene


First, we spoke to

Ash Silva

Q:Since MKW has started, you have never had an MKW championship opportunity.  Do you think that this has had anything to do with your decision to join The Stable ?

A:It’s true since I joined MKW I’ve never had a championship. But a better way to put it, is that MKW has never given Ash Silva a title opportunity!  Every time I go out there I steal the show. Fact. The Stable are the very best in MKW. They’re top talent in MKW, who were held down due to favoritism. The Stable was formed to take down this corrupt system. I joined this group for that reason. Talent always rises to the top, one way or another.

Q:What do you say to your fans ? Several feel betrayed by your actions.

A:I didn’t betray my fans. My real fans have eyes and ears. They saw what was happening.I was the showstealer everytime, while the guys in the main event struggled to put on a performance.  Fans aren’t stupid they should understand why I did what I did.

Q:”Selfie King” Hong Wan has been quiet and not said anything publicly since The Stable was formed.  Why do you think that is ?

A:”Selfie King” Hong Wan hasn’t said anything publicly ? This is probably because he’s too busy getting close to MKW management. He’s been getting easy match ups for a long time. Sooner rather than later he’s going to face someone tough. Perhaps myself or another Stable member. His days as MKW champion are numbered.

And then we spoke to the guy who will be making his wrestling debut,

Uncle Money

Q:Who was the first person to reach out to you about joining The Stable ? What did he say ?

A:Big Sam and Ash Silva reached out to me about forming The Stable. They told me they were tired of the way management is being ran and it’s time to make a change. I know how the wrestling business is so I can relate.

Q:What’s the meaning behind your name?

A: I’m a hired gun that beats people up who

don’t pay their bills. People pay me to beat people up. Challenging me to a match is foolish. If Adrian Gomez doesn’t pay me after my match, I may have to beat him up.

Q:Is it really about the MKW championship or is it just about the money ?

A:It’s about both. I’m all about the money but I know having the MKW championship will generate more money. Eventually a member of The Stable will take that belt from “Selfie King” Hong Wan. The Stable is here for destruction and MKW and China has no idea what’s in store for them! Because somebody is going to pay Uncle Money!


And finally ladies and gentleman, we spoke to

Big Sam

Q:You have always been outspoken about MKW office management, why are you like this?

A:We live in a society where people exploit their positions, and in the hierarchy of the wrestling industry, the management believe they can do whatever they want. I’m not afraid of anything; especially management. If you strip them of that role, then they are nothing. The rules of nature come into play and standing at 6’4″ and weighing in at 260lbs, I instantly become the leader of the pack. God made me this way and I believe I can use my natural gifts to stand up for those being held down. You could say I am leading the first real worker’s union in professional wrestling.
The owner of MKW, Adrian Gomez, has a delusional belief of what people want without actually engaging with them to find out what they want. Two others made this mistake: Hillary Clinton and the officials in the EU. I am the Trump and the Brexit of this industry. Those in top positions who nurse their jobs without looking out for others will regret neglecting what the people want. And what the people want is Big Sam.

Q:Since the founding of MKW, you have yet to receive a 1 on 1 match for the MKW championship.  Do you feel that is deliberate?

A:Isn’t it obvious? I represent everything that goes against modern professional wrestling. I am a “throwback” to an era when wrestlers were legit tough men; men you wouldn’t dare cross.  Now we have a roster of malnourished dreamers that wouldn’t look out of place working in a drive-thru of a fast food chain. Just look at the pro-wrestling scene in China, look at the industry in South East Asia; I am one of the only men in the business that gets recognized in the streets as someone you don’t mess with. I don’t tell people I wrestle, they know I wrestle.
The reason The Stable was founded was because we could see that the “favourites” were being pushed. Would you sacrifice your loved one to a lion for the purpose of entertainment? You bloody wouldn’t, and that is what MKW management is trying to prevent, which is their “favourites” being fed to the lion. However, this lion has broken out of the cage and is on the hunt. You might as well put me in handcuffs and lock me up right now, because putting any of the previous or current MKW title wankers in the ring with me would be the same as a homicide. And yes, I call them wankers for a reason, because calling them champions would be an insult to this industry.

Q:Why have you formed this “partnership” with “Chairman” Al?

A:MKW for a long time has been like a yacht, marooned in the middle of the ocean with no wind in its sails. It was just floating around, stagnant, drifting without any real direction. Then Alan came along. He, like me, is a true visionary who sees the real potential of MKW. Alan is a big investor in MKW and dreams of helping professional wrestling become successful in China. But as the smart man that he is, he knows that in order to go forward you need someone who can carry the load. And who better to carry the load than the workhorse of MKW, the big northerner Brit, Big Sam. I am the Trident nuclear warhead in waiting that Alan is justing itching to detonate on the pro wrestling scene in China.

When I was in hospital having double surgery, it was Alan who checked up on me. MKW management were more concerned with finding new ways to force the fans to accept Hong Wan as their champion.

Let me put it this way, how can you let the tallest, the strongest and the biggest man on the roster just languish on the mid-card? When people watched Jurassic Park, they didn’t watch it to see a herd of triceratops grazing; they came to watch the Tyrannosaurs Rex wreak havoc and mayhem. Well, I’ve got news for you. The Tyrannosaurs Rex isn’t extinct. It’s alive and well, and it’s name is Big Sam.

Things have a habit of correcting themselves. Alan has made a promise to me, and I have made a guarantee upon which I can deliver, sooner rather than later, that the pro wrestling scene in China will witness: Things are going to change!

And that’s all for the Q&A with The Stable

Please don’t forget that on December 10th,  MKW will have a press conference at the Shenzhen Saige Plaza in Futian.

The press conference will begin at 9:30 a.m.