Press Release: Middle Kingdom Wrestling reaches Chinese Pro Wrestling audience milestones on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and more

Middle Kingdom wrestling has been active for just 15 months and we are very proud of the HUGE audience that we serve around the world.
Today, Middle Kingdom Wrestling official Youtube channel has reached 800 subscribers from over 50 countries! Our top demographics come from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States of America and Malaysia. We are so honored to serve such a diverse group of fans!
Furthermore, Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s 35+ videos on our official Youtube channel have been given a “Thumbs up” for nearly a total of 1000 times. How about that!
While talking about Middle Kingdom Wrestling social media — we are proud to hold top search rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo! when it comes to searches including “Chinese Pro Wrestling”, Chinese Pro Wrestler” , “Pro Wrestling China” and “China Pro Wrestling.” Middle Kingdom Wrestling holding such important SEO Keyword searches has allowed Middle Kingdom Wrestling to enjoy more than 1700 Facebook fans and 702 Twitter Followers.
Not to be outdone by our Western following, Middle Kingdom Wrestling videos on Chinese version of Youtube “” has episodes of Middle Kingdom Wrestling reaching more 10000 views.
Thank you so much for supporting Middle Kingdom Wrestling and with International Pattaya Showdown: WrestleStar III double-shot weekend events in an already near sold out venue holding 1500 paying fans and China WrestleFestival 2016 with APWA – American Pro Wrestling Alliance – we can say that the future holds much, much more amazing news for Middle Kingdom Wrestling and Chinese Pro Wrestling in general! Let’s do it!