Press Release: HARBIN SHS Animal Rescue and Middle Kingdom Wrestling form historic partnership.

May 10th, 10:13,

Harbin, China – Middle Kingdom Wrestling and HARBIN SHS Animal Rescue are proud to announce that there will be a joint effort between both organizations to raise funds for the animals in desperate need of healthcare and a “forever home”.   This unique partnership between China’s largest pro wrestling organization and the most helpful and transparent animal charity group in Harbin has already been marked as a historic moment for the awareness of animals that are in forever constant need of care and attention.

Middle Kingdom Wrestling owner and founder, Adrian Gomez, commented, “When Middle Kingdom Wrestling approached HARBIN SHS Animal Rescue, my team and I made this partnership our upmost priority because of the incredible and wonderful work that the folks at HARBIN SHS Animal Rescue have been doing for the animals of not only in Harbin, but for all animals in need in China at large.” Adrian continued, “And if there is something that our organization can do to bring awareness and more funding for the dogs, cats and other animals that are currently being housed at the HARBIN SHS Animal Rescue temporary housing centers, we want to do as much in our power as possible to help.”

The official MKW wechat account has constantly promoted the care and loving of animals and the foundation of MKW’s team members and roster members comes from a group of animal lovers who all know and understand the importance of making sure that animals that have been lost or abandoned in China must be cared for and rehabilitated.    HARBIN SHS Animal Rescue director of fundraising & events Alicia Gorzen commented, “We admire the work that Middle Kingdom Wrestling has done for bringing a unique form of sports and entertainment here in China and we feel that this groundbreaking partnership with MKW is one of the most unique and captivating ways to bring awareness for our animals at HARBIN SHS Animal Rescue.”

To mark this historic partnership, Middle Kingdom Wrestling will be donating a portion of each ticket sold for MKW’s June 2 and June 3 Harbin pro wrestling events to HARBIN SHS Animal Rescue.  Furthermore, representatives of HARBIN SHS Animal Rescue will be present at the June 2, 2017 MKW event to present the work and efforts that this wonderful group of people have put for in for the animals that they care for.

This joint fundraiser between Middle Kingdom Wrestling and HARBIN SHS Animal Rescue is a chance to bring two wonderful communities together to do good in the world for the animals that bring us love and happiness in the world.

Harbin SHS Animal Rescue encourages all who are curious about this organization to follow them on Wechat: adoptapet and learn how to act, donate and get involved at

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