MKW TV statistics show that Chinese Pro Wrestling is well in demand!

MKW TV launched in early september and the viewership statistics have caused wide celebrations in the Middle Kingdom Wrestling office!

Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s official Youtube and Chinese version YOUKU channels have skyrocketed. With a combined subscription rate of nearly 200 members and nearly 10,000 views in just over a month, we are very pleased with the growth rate of Middle Kingdom Wrestling. Middle Kingdom Wrestling promoter Adrian Gomez commented on the milestone, “If we want to talk about numbers, just look at where China’s place in the world is. The country is number 1 in nearly every regard, including GDP, population and growth.  China is no longer a country hidden from the world, it has reformed itself in several ways and pro wrestling was bound to pop up sooner or later. I’m just happy that we can show the world what Chinese Pro Wrestling is all about.” MKW TV is the premier Chinese Pro Wrestling product on the internet and Chinese Pro Wrestling stars such as “The Selfie King,” and “The Slam” have been growing an international fanbase day by day.  Along with the dedicated foreign Pro Wrestlers in MKW – such as Dalton Bragg, DaLi Sam and ASH – who have dedicated themselves to helping put Chinese Pro Wrestling on the map, it’s no wonder why Middle Kingdom Wrestling and its most viewed Chinese Pro Wrestling show “MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling” is at the current top of the Google search engine when any pro wrestling fan inquires about Chinese Pro Wrestling.

MKW and Chinese Pro Wrestling fans, thank you so much and please look forward to our January 16, 2016 event in Dongguan, China in the CWE gym for our MKW TV: Chinese Pro Wrestling SEASON 2 tapings!