MKW TV: Hunan Hustle is here!

Literally all eyes are on Selfie King Hong Wan now as he challenges The Arrogant Atheist Dalton Bragg in this huge special installment of MKW TV in Hunan China !

With what happened during the shocking ending of MKW TV: Thailand Edition PART 2, it is clear that Dalton C. Bragg has betrayed the people of China and furthermore, Dalton Bragg has even threatened to take the MKW Championship out of China for an undisclosed amount of time as he has signed on to be on an extensive pro wrestling tour in the United States and Mexico!

Now the hopes and dreams of 1.4 billion people in China all rest on the shoulders of “Selfie King” to win and keep the biggest pro wrestling prize in Chinese Pro Wrestling history out of the great calamity that is Dalton Bragg!

This is MKW TV: Hunan Hustle !