MKW Stars Main-Eventing Harbin’s Grand Cosplay Event!

MKW’s Dabai, Luan Yanfu, and Zombie Dragon were in attendance as hundreds of fans were patiently waiting to meet their idols. A nice short film played to the crowds amazement, as Zombie and Luan took to the stage. Luan, showing off his superior Jeet Kune Do Skills, did a series of complicated techniques involving Nunchucks and swords! Next was a Lucha-Fu demonstration by Zombie Dragon, as he showed how Chinese Kung-Fu Mixes and blends together with Lucha-Libre. Once the performances were done, fans were allowed on stage for a nice photo opportunity, and to try and break Zombie’s unbreakable neck bridge!




Meet and Greet.

There was also a photo signing/meet and greet, that went extremely well as fans crowded the MKW table for the chance to converse with team MKW. One fan was so shocked at finally being able to meet his heroes, he burst into tears of excitement! The Chinese community are why we continue to strive and bring you the best possible experience, you’ll ever witness live.