MKW Presents: Wrestle Rescue: Year of the Dog !

MKW Presents: Wrestle Rescue: Year of the Dog 

Featuring all of your favorite MKW superstars! Already scheduled to appear are The Stable with MKW world champion Big Sam, “Selfie King” Hong Wan, the debut of the horrifying Zombie Dragon! Plus many more!!


Cooperation fundraising event with Harbin SHS Animal Rescue:

MKW is partnering up with Harbin SHS Animal Rescue to make each MKW show in Harbin as much about helping rescue dogs Wrestle the odds to a better future as it is about our MKW performers wrestling each other for a victory.

This is the Year of the Dog and now, there are more and more dogs in China that need your help so that they can live healthy lives in a loving and caring Forever Home! A portion of each ticket sold will go towards Harbin SHS Animal Rescue!

MKW CEO Adrian Gomez stated,  “I have two survivor dogs of my own and they have brought me and my family so much joy.  I really hope that if MKW can encourage more people to become more aware of the needs of survivor dogs in China, then maybe one day these survivor dogs can have all have a forever home like my dogs do.  I would consider that to be a championship victory.

About the Venue: The XueFu Brewery Bar

The XueFu Brewery Bar will be the home of all 2018 Harbin MKW pro wrestling events. Starting from March 17, 2018 MKW will be putting on MONTHLY pro wrestling fund raising  performances at the XueFu Brewery Bar!

The XueFu Brewery Bar is an excellent venue for pro wrestling performance events and their beer products – all served on tap – are truly great. The atmosphere and staff are awesome and we are honored to have a new permanent home at this incredible place conveniently located right near Heilongjiang University and Li Gong University. The XueFu Brewery’s commitment to helping survivor dogs and improving the Harbin pro wrestling performance scene is something that we are very thankful for. The XueFu Brewery Bar is open every night !

So next month, on March 17, 2018 at MKW Presents: Wrestle Rescue: Year of the Dog, put your paws together and let’s bark and howl for the incredible MKW pro wrestling action that only MKW can provide!  We look forward to seeing you there!

Event: Wrestle Rescue: Year of the Dog
Date: March 17, 2018
Time: 20:00
Venue address: 南岗区学府三道街12号院内
Ticket prices: 50元 (special kick off event low price )