MKW 摔角王国 360: Virtual Reality Wrestling

Disclaimer: Please use Google CHROME browser when viewing this video to experience the full 360 view angles

Originally posted on the front page of China’s largest Pro Wrestling website –…

This is .. The world’s first ever fully 360 Virtual Reality glasses ready pro wrestling match. Now on Youtube! Featuring footage from Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s Night 2 main event between DALTON BRAGG and VooDoo! Middle Kingdom Wrestling has brought the world not only Chinese Pro Wrestling, but also pro wrestling in never before seen perspectives! In full Virtual Reality! Please look forward to more!

Got a VR headset? Use it! Otherwise, spin the cursor around on your mousepad! It’s cooooool.

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MKW(摔角王国)联盟是由美国人在中国创办的职业摔角联盟。旨在训练中国本土职业摔 ­角手,并提供中外选手同台竞技的机会。MKW职业摔角节目使用国际领先的拍摄技术、结 ­合精彩的剧情,我们与摔角网将为大家带来一场场视觉盛宴。请大家支持并关注MKW摔角 ­王国!