Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s report from the WWE China tryout event in Shanghai!


Middle Kingdom Wrestling (MKW摔角王国) is so excited about what WWE is going to do for Chinese Pro Wrestling.
It was a night filled with positive energy from China’s most athletic and attractive looking men and women who all have one dream – to be the next WWE Superstar from China.

Middle Kingdom Wrestling officials attended the event and it was an incredible experience to be a part of the WWE tryout Exclusive Networking event.  We met old friends like Cruiser weight Classic participant and Middle Kingdom Wrestling star Ho Ho Lun and WWE prospect and heaviest man in MKW – King Michael, from Hong Kong.  We also made some new friends as well and got to meet and have conversations with WWE officials who are interested in expanding into China.  It was an honor for the MKW team to go to the exclusive WWE networking event.

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When Triple H stepped up in front of all the participants, he started off with, “This is Huge, this is huge for all you guys and girls here.  And for us to be in China, this is huge too.”

During the Q & A session, one WWE China Tryout participant asked, “If we don’t get selected to earn the WWE contract, will we have another chance?” —
Tripple H nodded his head and said, “Of course, of course, there will be another chance”
Triple H closed the Q and A session at the end of the event with, “WWE has a long future in China”
It seems that WWE has unfinished business in China! Which only means good things for Middle Kingdom Wrestling and Chinese Pro Wrestling in general!
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