James Ellsworth is on his way to Middle Kingdom Wrestling in China!

James Ellsworth and Middle Kingdom Wrestling both share the same philosophy about pro wrestling: Any man with two hands has a fighting chance! So, naturally, when he set out to make his self crowned Intergender World Championship the top and most prestigious world championship, James Ellsworth knew that he would need to prove it by defending his championship in countries all over the world.

That is why James Ellsworth has chosen the top pro wrestling company in the whole country of China – Middle Kingdom Wrestling – to show the world that he is indeed a true fighting world champion and that he will take on any man, woman or any other gender that a person chooses to identify as.

MKW fans, get ready for our June 17th MKW live wrestling event where you will get to witness James Ellsworth defend his Intergender World Championship in an MKW ring in Harbin, China!