Event: MKW Kingdom Rumble
Date: 07.09.2019
Promotion: Middle Kingdom Wrestling
Type: Event
Location: Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
Arena: Harbin Broadcasting & TV Station
Wrestlers: Ash Silva, ASUKA, Bamboo Crusher, Big Sam, Bitman, Black Mamba, Buffa, Cam Ferguson, Chairman Al, Crystal, DC Chen, Ho Ho Lun, Jalapeno Lopez, KC, Lady Marie, Lin Dongxuan, Michael Su, Peter Avalon, Ray Lyn, Rocky Huynh, Steve The Teacher, Tommy Combat, Uncle Money, VR Nikk, Zeda Zhang, Zombie Dragon
Broadcast: N/A
Network: N/A
Official Video:: N/A

Singles Match
Cam Ferguson defeats KC

Tag Team Match
Bamboo Crusher & Black Mamba defeat Bitman & Buffa

SPWC Openweight Title Match
Rocky Huynh (c) defeats Ash Silva (w/Chairman Al & Lady Marie)

Tag Team Match
ASUKA & Zeda Zhang defeat Crystal & Ray Lyn

MKW World Title Match
Michael Su (c) defeats Big Sam (w/Lady Marie)

15 Man Kingdom Rumble Match
Zombie Dragon defeats Ash Silva and Bamboo Crusher and Black Mamba and Chairman Al and DC Chen and Ho Ho Lun and Jalapeno Lopez and Lin Dongxuan and Peter Avalon and Steve The Teacher and Tommy Combat and Uncle Money and VR Nikk and Zeda Zhang