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Born in America, but raised in the tri-ads run city of Hong Kong, Ash has a dark history filled with tragedy and deception.  As a young boy, he already had the thirst for headlocks and backdrops -- forming backyard wrestling promotion "UWC" that even landed him and his roster members a spot in a VHS-only release of "Backyard Wrestling Most Extreme and bloody Moments!! Volume #3" While enjoying an successful tag team with his friends, it was a death-defying move that involved a triangle choke hold and a screw driver that let Ash make the decision to leave the backyard wrestling business for Hong Kong's movie industry. Having starred in several commercials, spots in films and voice overs in both Cantonese and English, Ash thought he was finished with the wrestling business forever. No. When Ash met Lily -…
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We at the MKW office have been working hard on booking the tournament to crown our very first MKW championship belt and due to roster size restraints, we couldn't include THE SLAM in the tournament.  We at MKW want to repeat, that it has NOTHING to do with The Slam‘s affilitation with CWE. We simply couldn't fit The Slam into the tournament -- but rest assured, The Slam will certainly be one of the top candidates to challenge for the MKW title belt after the tournament. After we broke this news to The Slam, he had this to say:   [video width="854" height="480" mp4=""][/video]
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MKW news, MKW partners, MKW roster
The Slam is hungry for new competition -- he is the king of the mountain in CWE and he has reached out to the MKW office for a "Special Challenge" match against anybody on the MKW roster ! What is a special challenge match? It means that only the MKW office can choose The Slam's opponent and The Slam is not allowed to know before hand who his opponent will be!  This match is a perfect fit for The Slam's personality, to show that he's ready for anyone at anytime! He will even put the CWE championship on the line!
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Press Release: MKW double-shot announced for July 18/19, 2015!!

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June 16, 2015 Haerbin China - MKW officials have confirmed our first big event and writing is on the paper -- the date is set for July 18th and July 19th, 2015.  It will be a double shot show in South China city GUANGZHOU, CHINA.  It'll feature ALL of MKW's stars as well as talent from MKW partner CWE.  This show will feature an 8 wrestler tournament to crown MKW's very FIRST champion as well as other matches from Guangzhou's CWE roster. We also want to remind you that MKW's first show will be filmed in full 360 V.R. through VR-CHINA services.  MKW wants to not just break new ground in new territory, but also in a new perspective -- 360 perspective! MKW would like to thank CWE, VR-CHINA and the…
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MKW was extremely eager to meet one of the toughest, meanest, baddest Chinese guys in the country - current CWE promoter and champion THE SLAM. When THE SLAM heard about new wrestling promotion Middle Kingdom Wrestling, he naturally wanted a spot in the official roster -- to prove that he's not only the toughest wrestler in his home promotion CWE, but in new promotion MKW.  The interview process at the MKW office was simple - THE SLAM walked into the interview office, THE SLAM shook MKW promoter's hand until it went numb, and THE SLAM left with an MKW official contract offer. We are proud to announce that he faxed it back to us with his signature. MKW welcomes THE SLAM! Ring name: THE SLAM Born: 1985/7/19 Hometown: Dongguan Height, weight: 182cm / 83kg Professional Wrestling Debut: 2004 [caption id="attachment_178" align="alignnone" width="300"] TOUGHNESS PERSONIFED[/caption]…
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